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More than anything, Maranatha Life is a missions organization working in Latin America. Our focus is to minister to pastors and Christian leaders; providing them with trainging, resources, advice and spiritual support as they complete the vision that God has placed upon their hearts.

Rich's heart is for pastors. He is known as one who pastors pastors; providing for them the same things that a pastor provides for his congregation.

Additionally, Rich & Deborah provide teaching and ministry to the Body of Christ in general; ministering to "prepare the Bride of Christ for His imminenet return." Their desire is to shake up the church, getting it out of its comfort zone and prepared to receive revival fire.

Finally, the Murphys are known for ministering to marriages. Through their own needs, they have done extensive studies on a number of marriage issues; especially focusing on God's purpose for sexual intimacy in marriages.

Rich is a prolific writer, having completed 54 books and a large number of written teachings. You can find practical, applicable teachings on a large number of Christian topics on this web site. You can find a list of those teachings in the left column. Additionally, you will find access to a number of teaching videos that Rich has recorded and uploaded to

Click on the various areas of the menu to the right to see more information on the various aspects of Maranatha Life International.


The Way I See It

The ramblings of Rev. (Doctor) Rich Murphy of Maranatha Life on a variety of subjects.

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Romantic Act of the Day

Help for all those desperate men out there who haven't got a clue and want to find one. Here's a clue: if you want your wife to be loving to you, be loving to her. She understands the word "loving" as "romantic." What's that? Find out here.

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Touching Hearts, Changing Lives, Impacting the World, Preparing the Bride of Christ

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* Scriptures on our logo:

  • Go ye therefore and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost -- Matt 28:19

  • My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. - Hosea 4:6

  • Then said I, Here am I; send me. - Isaiah 6:8

This web site last updated August 2011.  Come back often, as we are constantly making changes, and uploading new teachings.  As of the latest upload, this web site contains 515 pages. 214 of them are teachings in English, and 139 of them are teachings in Spanish. If you were to print out all the English teachings, it would amount to 1474 pages; in Spanish it would be 715 pages. Enjoy and be blessed!

Copyright © 1997-2011, by Richard A. Murphy,  Maranatha Life  All rights reserved.

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